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Créateurs Design Association (CDA) Membership Disclaimer


The Créateurs Design Association (CDA) upholds a standard of excellence and fosters a vibrant cultural ecosystem. We outline the following prerequisites and conditions for professional membership:


Professional Experience: Minimum of five years in the field of art, design, or culture, with a proven track record and notable contributions.

Portfolio Submission: Submission of a portfolio in PDF format, showcasing creativity, innovation, and professional growth.

Commitment to CDA's Mission: Demonstrate an understanding and commitment to CDA's mission through past initiatives or a written statement.

Active Participation: Expected engagement in CDA events, voting, programs, and initiatives.

Application Review Process: A thorough review process including an application form, portfolio evaluation, and potential interview. This process may take up to 90 days.


A non-refundable application fee of $95.
Upon acceptance, an 
annual membership fee of $545, supporting CDA's initiatives and providing access to exclusive benefits.

Meeting the prerequisites and submitting the application fee does not guarantee membership. The CDA reserves the right to modify prerequisites and the membership process as needed to

preserve its standards of excellence and mission.

By applying, applicants acknowledge and agree to these terms.

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